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I've had a passion for music for my entire life. I began playing the alto saxophone in grade school. When I moved to Florida and started high school I continued to display my love for music and joined the school band where I continued to play the sax. During this time I began learning how to compose music in my free time. I enjoy composing all genres of music from R&B, House, Theatrical, Hip-Hop and Easy Listening as I still do today. Composing music for over 15 years has taught me so many things about the different styles of music, as I strive to master all types of music. While working a full time job to provide the income needed to get my music career moving forward I decided to enroll in a 10 week course that has taught me the art of professionally mixing, recording and mastering music. I love analog sound and big band instruments. Needless to say, music runs through my blood and my passion runs deep.


It all started with the sound of the drums for me. That's what fueled my quest in music production. I started out banging on pots and pans, then went on to playing the drums at the age of 7. I also dabbled on the keyboard. Meanwhile I played music at church for a couple years. While doing so, the computer age was growing...more technical advances. I got into my first digital production on Fruity Loops 3. There I struck gold and from that moment on it was game on! Since then I have developed my sound and strive daily to be better and continuing growing!

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